Rohan Jacob

Dorothy has helped me grow greatly as a musician, teaching me to play piano both musically and technically.

Amira Carcarello

Thank you for nurturing me in the art of music. Thank you for planting the seed that has caused me to bloom a happy life. Thank you for introducing me to the amazing organ. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and faith with me.  Thank you for being my teacher.

Terence Chap

Dorothy you have greatly enriched the lives of our two children with a strong foundation and love for music. I can also definitely see the positive impact your program has on their learning and behavior. It is learning through play at its best!

Veronica Poynton

This has been our first year in the program and it’s been a wonderful journey. Through the lens of music, we’ve loved how the program has tapped into our child’s learning through language, social and visual learning of concepts.

Deanna Amato Gifford

Our 4 month old baby loves Kindermusik and she slept a solid two hours after her last class! It was such a joy to see her literally jumping up & down in her daddy’s arms gasping with excitement at Dorothy.

Maria Long

Bloom into music provided my son with the confidence and love for learning that he has today. The lessons are tweaked and tailored to the needs of the students in each classroom. Would highly recommend it!

Angelina Cipollone

The amount Savannah has learnt from her classes is outstanding. Both my husband and I saw a difference in her immediately and on top of the learning experience we both have an amazing time at each class.

Tiffany Ierodiaconou

Bloom into music isn’t just about music! It teaches children to follow instructions, build social skills and so much more! My daughter is almost 3 but we first started Bloom into Music when she was 4 months old. Dorothy is absolutely Wonderful!

Amy Stania

I have attended kindermusik over the last 7 years firstly with my son. I now enjoy it with my daughter. Both my children and I have loved the variety of activities kindermusik offers as well as the very important time I’m getting to spend with my children.

Elisha Portelli

We thoroughly enjoy our weekly sessions at Kindermusik. Dorothy is always very well organised and her passion for music shines through in each and every class. My son has become so much more confident and vocal in his interactions with others.

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